Things to Know About the Brain

The brain is considered the main organ of the body. It is what makes us function in one way or the other. The human brain being a very complex organ need to be understood as it is and apart from just making us think and act straight there are still many things that we do not know about this wonderful organ. Here are some of the things that you should know about the brain.

1. Purpose


As earlier mentioned the brain has one main purpose. This is the power to decide on what is wrong and what is right. The brains simply define who you are. It has this primary role of collecting the outside information into the body and make one make the decisions based on the information gathered. Simply put you are your brain and the brain is you.


2. Complexity


The human brain despite weighing only about three pounds and a cubic capacity of about 1500 cc which is equivalent to a small family car id one of the most complex organ in the body. Though the brain can be considered as being a universe on its own, another feature that it poses is that it has a more of a wrinkly surface. The brain is said to have over 100 billion neurons. This is the brains cells that are extended to various part of the body that sends the signal both from and to the brain.


3. Operating Principles


Despite the fact that the brain is a very complex organ, it applies on just two basic principles. This is the on-off principle that has been for many years now been considered the core operating system of the brain. This on and off are the electrical signals that pass within the brain as they pass information. The other principal is the excitation or inhibition principles that is the basically the huge connection that is between the neurons in the body. And this result to modulation which is the capacity of one neuron communicating the inhibition signals to one another.


4. Structure of the brain


The human brain is said to be Hughley structured and at the same time adaptable. What this means is that the brain is divided into two hemispheres, the right and the left. The left is more associated with the reasoning and logic and uses numbers and speech. As for the right, gives a more awareness of issues and responds more to the expressions, patterns and nuances. This is where the brain responds more to the color and dimensions. You will note that each hemisphere controls the other half of the body. This simply means that the right hemispheres control the right side of the body and vice versa.


5. Evolution


The brain and the mind are known to be a product of evolution. It is amazing that the human shares the same brain stem as that of the reptiles. This controls the automatic body functions which are the breathing, temperature regulations as well as the digesting part and it has developed for more than 500 million years. It also benefits from the health benefits of cinnamon pills

There is more to the brain than what we realize and know. Not only is it a complex part of the human body but also considered the engine. As without this organ, there is no way a human being can function at all.